stop dreaming start traveling – book Overview

Unlike subject specific travel literature that tells you where to go and what to do, Stop Dreaming... Start Traveling offers timeless and holistic systems so you can have a travel lifestyle and live out your 'Dream Travel Plan' on less than you realize is possible.

Apple's first advertising pamphlet was headlined ‘Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication,’ foreshadowing the innovations to come. This also foreshadows how this book enable you to travel significantly more, on the same budget, while also saving time planning your travels.

  • The simplicity is in the Dream Travel Plan which shows you step-by-step how to get yourself a travel lifestyle at a fraction of the going rate.
  • The sophistication rests in how incredibly comprehensive it is using leverage, loopholes, timeless models and proven repeatable systems to save money traveling. 

The book is build around the ‘Dream Travel Plan’ which leverage lean principles so you can travel at a fraction of the going rate. It is also packed with:

  1. Fun exercises that define your travel type and help you quickly find the best and least expensive options for you 
  2. Flexible systems to build and liveout your custom tailored travel plan for less than you realize is possible
  3. Timeles models you can use to overcome the financial barriers to travel

You will also find:

  • Rules of Thumb
  • Warnings to keep you out of trouble
  • Travel myths busted
  • Lavish excess travel stories
  • Epic economical travel conquests pulled off by people just like you

Regardless of your age, life stage or lifestyle, you'll learn practical and effective ways to travel wherever and as much as you want on any budget. Soon you’ll be the travel expert giving advice.